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Review of Falling Star by Chris J Wright


Title of book: Falling Star 
Author: Chris J Wright

Publication date: 19th July 2010
Pages: 168 



Chris J Wright has loved horror fiction since his childhood and up to the present day. With the passion and drive to be a writer, he has achieved his dream. Chris’ first books were Ritual of Blood (published in 2003), Killing Time (published in 2004) and in 2006 he began to write horror fiction for the younger generation, the first series being, The Witch of Primrose Hill (published in 2009).

Chris J Wright stays with the same genre he writes and produces so well, and brings us a new chilling horror fiction novel, Falling Star.

Falling Star opens by explaining the tale of a young girl’s life. In the last two years Katie’s dad has left and her grandmother moved in. As Katie waits for her final school year to arrive in September, something stirs up her life in a way she will never forget.

Being told she is special is one thing, but finding it out herself is another.

Katie’s care lay with her grandmother while her mother worked the nightshift in a local warehouse. This provided a window of opportunity for grandmother and granddaughter to get to know each other.

They both had a love for tarot cards but Katie’s grandmother insisted she had a ‘gift’. At the age of 15 Katie learnt how to use these cards and her readings became more and more accurate. This was unnerving for Katie, but she believed in her grandmother and started to trust that she had a ‘gift’.

Tragedy hits the family when her grandmother takes ill. Katie visits and has one last conversation with her grandmother. When Katie’s mother joins them, she is shocked at what she says next.

Katie meets an usual girl, Star, and with her worst fear upon her will she be able to help her friend in time? With trials and tribulations, there is no clue as to what may happen next. An unforeseen tale with a twist is upon us. Surprise and terror unravel as you travel deeper into the darkness of the story.

In this book there are many peripheral characters and while Katie is the main character, as soon Star enters the story she plays a huge part in Katie’s life. With the book written in this fashion, it gives us the opportunity to appreciate the events that take place, and wait in anticipation for the next character that may or may not change the story.

I felt that a section of the book, where I had to read Star’s diary, was somewhat boring and long drawn, but on reflection it is a must and it gives us a clear picture of Star’s situation.

Falling Star is very descriptive and every detail is painstakingly crafted. How the story plays out can be related quite easily to, and it shows that the author has put a lot of time and effort into creating understandable and relatable characters, which can only add to the enjoyment the book.

This is a believable story and many people may be able to relate to the events. For myself, it brought many feelings of my life and grief I encountered, which intrigued me. I had to read on to see what happened and also how the characters developed. The book covers the different roles of everyday life, from the mundane to the exceptional. It shows the mother and daughter bond rejoining of love lost, how relationships can blossom in the darkest of times. Grief and abuse are central to the plot, which is the perfect setting for the unfolding tale ahead.

The story is intriguing and as I began to read it, I found it to be un-put-downable. It is full of excitement, sorrow and mystery. It always has the feeling that there is something waiting. It is a book filled with many emotions that the reader will relate to, understand and begin to feel.

In closing, with many different backgrounds, it melds exceptionally well into a cohesive narrative with a heart warming tale and gut wrenching ending, it is a book worth a read.

My Rating 3.5/5

For more information, check Chris J Wright’s website. 


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  1. orginarymagoo

    Howdy hunni. Just read your review, good job, you seeemed to be loving that book. Maybe you should get more to read. lol. Love you.

    July 12, 2010 at 7:59 pm

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