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Alma is at your Door!

Well, it has been a while since I have updated any gaming reviews or news as I have been busy with college. Even though this is not a gaming review, it involves a gaming aspect. I was taking photos of a church and when I got home I captured an eerie door shot. I decided to involve Alma for the game series FEAR in this image as she came to my mind. Here is the result:


My Weapon of Choice

Weapon of Choice, originally uploaded by J Mullin Photography.

Well since I am a gamer and amatuer photographer, I thought I would combine them both and show you my weapon of choice. I have the image in black and white but I have highlighted the core buttons.

Girl Gamer with Answers!

Each week I will be answering questions on life as a GirlGamer.  Its up to you to supply the questions and you can ask yours by following me on my GamersIreland Twitter, so get on there and fire some over!

Each question is written how it is sent via twitter.

Question one – by Alan @McMullzy – Are there any head developers?

@GI_Jules – Actually yes, Jade Raymond is a video game producer, currently working as the managing director of Ubisoft Toronto.

Question two – by Thomas @OrginaryMagoo – What would you say would be the most popular game for girl gamers?

@GI_Jules – I am sorry to say this but Uno. Every girl I have spoken with has played Uno, even me. My reasons were different than many girls out there who played Uno. With my online friends we meet around 8pm in a private game of Uno to chat about the week and so we could see each other, it was great having a four way chat and be able to use the webcam. I once change my mind and ventured onto Uno alone and I was sickened by what I saw. I saw a girl stripping and a little extra for the guy who was chanting, I left and swore never to do it again. WRONG, I did but with a friend only to see a man and woman having sex, yes you read that right. Then I received all sorts of dirty pictures. I can now say that I do not own Uno and would not use the game again, only plus point I, didn’t have to pay for it.

Question three – by Ken O’Dwyer @Kentar – If you were to go to GamerExpo on their cos-play day; what female Computer Game character would you go as and why?

@GI_Jules – It would be Lara Croft. For me she is a strong female character and has made it through many years without failing. Having a strong female lead is appealing to both male and female gamers.

Question Four – by @igamewell – So why are a lot of guy gamers scared of girl gamers? Surely it can’t just be in case the girl is better than them?

@GI_Jules – Truth be told, girl gamers aren’t ‘better’, some are really good and some are bad, but it’s the same as guy gamers. I think having the title ‘girl gamer’ intimidates the opposite sex. Also some guys have the attitude “I can’t be beaten by a girl”, which ends up working against them as they panic in games.

Question Five – by Ken O’Dwyer @Kentar – Why do girls game?

@GI_Jules – Well for girls there are different reasons. I find that many new girl gamers are trying out their bfs console and enjoy it so they casually game, where some start off casual and are now hardcore. Many just stick with arcade games like ‘Uno’ but use it for networking purposes. Some have been brought up around games and continue of the road of gaming. Sadly, there are girls who only get an Xbox to hook up with other guys or to exchange pictures etc… This is where girl gamers are let down and are giving the label of sucking at games.

For me gaming is very personal. I have been a gamer for 22 years and out of a family of six girls I was the ‘odd’ one, the only one to enjoy and play games. I have gone through more consoles than I care to mention. I will be honest I played softer games growing up and my first real shooter I can remember getting my hands on was die hard and duke nukem, I was around 11/12 and boy did I have some questions to ask my father regarding Duke Nukem. So you could say I grew up around games and it was kinda there and I continued on but not for me. As I said I see it as a more personal way of dealing with things.

When I get frustrated or angry, the first thing I turn to is the Xbox to play a FPS offline then online to join friends in the banter. But I also so it when I am happy, I will turn to my true love COD4 and some guitar hero/Rockband.

We all have ways to chill out and deal with everyday life and gaming is one of mine. Whether it be the Xbox down to dsi I will enjoy my game time. It lets you have your time, time to complete that game, puzzle or online badge you want to achieve. But female and male gamers are not different, we want to play the game and win. We want to play the role and be someone different. The only thing different about girl and guy gamers? We have boobs!

Question Six – by Ken O’Dwyer @Kentar – Name some other games where the character always carries a camera?

@GI_Jules – I tell you what Ken you have kept me busy! Always a good thing Keep them coming, anyway, moving on…

These are the only three I could think of:

– Lara Croft in various titles

– Ethan Thomas from Condemed

– Miku Hinasaki from Project Zero/Fatal Frame

Original posted on GamersIreland (August 12 2010)